Saturday, January 22, 2011

TV, Film and Period Drama

I love TV and Film. Absolutely love them. No, I'm not just lazy and spend all my time watching the TV! It's what I studied at university!
Anyway, I dont watch that much TV, only if it's something worth watching, and even then it's usually once it's out on DVD that I'll watch it! But this last week I had the absolute pleasure of watching both a TV series and a film that were truly excellent in every way (I tend to get a bit 'film buff-y' sometimes and start raving about production values and mis-en-scene!)
First of all I watched Season 1 of Downton Abbey. My mum bought it for me for Christmas because she knew I would like it. She wasnt wrong - it was absolutely fantastic!! And I would love to live in that house! Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith were both superb too. I watched the whole season in less than a week!
Secondly, I went to see The Kings Speech on Wednesday night. I can honestly say it was the best film I have seen in years, and deserves every award going. It was absolutely perfect from start to finish. The acting was brilliant, and the casting choices were very clever! If you haven't seen it already, go and see it now!!!

So lately I've been very much absorbed in period drama and all the lovely 'englishness' of the time :-) luckily for me, the new Cath Kidston catalogue dropped through my door yesterday! I plan to have a lovely hour this weekend with a pot of tea and some custard creams, indulging in some Cath K wanties! One day I'll be able to afford some goodies!

Next on my TV to watch list is the brilliant BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (yes the Colin firth one!) I love this series, and my other half bought it for me at Christmas :-) I also downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone and got Pride and Prejudice for free! :-)

That's all from me for now!

Louisa xx


  1. I still have Downton Abbey on my Sky + to watch. I love Pride and Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility is good too. I had to study the book and film for my English degree x

  2. Definitely with you on The King's Speech - went to see it on Friday and was worried that it had been over-hyped but was so pleased to discover that wasn't the case, it was absolutely amazing, Colin Firth HAS to get an Oscar surely?!