Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yarn question...

Is it just me, or have Stylecraft increased the number of colours in their Special DK range? I'm sure there didn't used to be 56!!
(I'm just going on what Masons have on their site...)

Louisa xx

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crochet Coasters

After reading PaisleyJade's post yesterday about these coasters, I just had to give the pattern a try! I love the fact that the pattern has been adapted from an original pattern published in 1893!
I used Stylecraft Special DK (what else?!) and a 4mm hook.
Each one only took about 20 minutes to make, they are so quick and fun!
I have 3 now, and I will make another one to make a set of 4. I would also like to try them with multiple colours of yarn, make them more flowery!
So beautiful!

Thanks Kristy for linking the pattern!

Louisa xx

ETA: I made another one with different colours! what do you think?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Granny Square Blanket Update!

Here it is, a very very long overdue update of my granny stripe blanket!
I hadnt worked on it for quite a while, then about a week ago, I picked it up again and have done quite a few rows! I was sat in the car on Wednesday night waiting for my Other Half to finish work, and worked on it some more. I really love crocheting in the car, listening to Radio 2. I think it is my favourite place to crochet!
Here is a picture of it, draped over the steering wheel! I'm onto the 4th repeat of the colours. I'm going to do 5 repeats, and if I have enough yarn left, maybe a 6th repeat, then edge it in cream.... what do you think?

Louisa xx

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beads, Markets and Alnwick Gardens...

I haven't updated since June!!! I don't know where the months have gone! I'm still keeping up with all of your blogs though, so i've not been totally away from the blogging world!

I've been very busy since June... I've done 2 more craft markets, and have another 3 to go before Christmas! Busy bee!
I haven't really done any crocheting recently, because I have been so busy making stock for my stalls.... You may remember that I also make things with Hama beads... well those seem to be my best sellers!
Here is a peek at some of the new things I have been making....

 and Bag Charms:

They have been a lot of fun to make, but I still need a LOT more!
The craft markets have been going really well, especially a new one I signed up to. It was held in Cramlington, and it was a full day event. It was the very first one of that kind being held there, so no-one was sure how well it would go, but it turned out to be a really excellent (and profitable!) day! It was so good I have signed up to the Halloween and  Christmas markets!

It's been a good summer too... I went to Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth with my Other Half and we had a great time :-). We also went to see the final Harry Potter film, which was amazing, but also really sad now that it's finally all over :-( I guess I will just have to wait for opening next month! (I didnt bother trying to get the early access!)

Last weekend we took a trip up to Alnwick (which isnt far away) to visit the Castle and Gardens. It was a very hot day, and I ended up being quite poorly the next day! :-( but the day itself was brilliant and I would love to live there!
Here are some of my photos from there...

It was brilliant :-)

Well I will stop rambling now! Hopefully I will be better at blogging and won't leave it so long until the next post!! :-)

Louisa xx