Sunday, September 18, 2011

Granny Square Blanket Update!

Here it is, a very very long overdue update of my granny stripe blanket!
I hadnt worked on it for quite a while, then about a week ago, I picked it up again and have done quite a few rows! I was sat in the car on Wednesday night waiting for my Other Half to finish work, and worked on it some more. I really love crocheting in the car, listening to Radio 2. I think it is my favourite place to crochet!
Here is a picture of it, draped over the steering wheel! I'm onto the 4th repeat of the colours. I'm going to do 5 repeats, and if I have enough yarn left, maybe a 6th repeat, then edge it in cream.... what do you think?

Louisa xx


  1. HI, I just found you blog- it's lovely!!
    This blanket is beautiful!!

  2. OH I adore this! I have started one several times..I just do not have the colors down...I do not have a knack for that.