Thursday, February 24, 2011

An apology...

I am very sorry I haven't posted much lately! I will do a proper post with pictures very very soon, I promise!! I have been very busy and have some lovely things to show you!!
Trouble with having an iPhone, is you can do all kinds of internetty things on it, but can't post pictures to blogger, so while I'm checking in every day, I sort of forget to update myself! I do have some photos lined up though!
I'm off to see KT Tunstall tonight, with my other half. I'm very excited! Then we are off to Nottingham next weekend. I love Nottingham! I have made a plan to visit The Bead Shop and buy some lovely sparkly swarovski crystals. The reason for this purchase will be revealed in due course!

In the mean time, I would like to be rather pushy for a moment and tell you all to go and visit the myspace of a brilliant band... It's my other half's band and they are launching their debut EP on Sunday night :-) they are called Honest Thief, and one of their new songs is available to listen to on their myspace

Ok that's all for the pushy and proud girlfriend moment!!

Louisa xx

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