Sunday, October 09, 2011

Busy Sunday!

I've had a very busy Sunday!
I bought a slow cooker from Asda for £9 a few weeks ago, and I have been desperate to try it out! Well I finally did today... I chucked in a couple of packets of the cheapest diced casserole beef from Asda, a bag of their ready chopped casserole vegetables and a couple of pints of beef stock. 9 hours later I  had the most delicious casserole I have ever eaten!! The beef was amazingly tender! I am officially a slow cooker convert! I can't wait to try making something else!

I also made cheese and garlic scones. These are a favourite of mine (and my Other Half!) so yummy!
No pictures of those I'm afraid, they didnt last that long!!

I've also spent the last hour or so listing items on Etsy. My beaded keyrings and charms are ready for the market I'm doing in 3 weeks, but thought I would put them on Etsy as well. Why don't you go and check it out? My Etsy Shop

Well thats all from me tonight!

Louisa xx

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