Monday, April 08, 2013

Long time no blog!

Wow, I hadn't realised it was September the last time I blogged! Scary how quickly time flies! A lot has happened since then - I got a temporary promotion at work that was meant to be for 6 months (the 6 months is up today!) but it got extended for a further year. It's a harder job, and that has meant that sometimes I am too tired to do any crocheting in my free time! :-(
However, I currently have a project on the go which has a deadline, so my tiredness will have to wait!
I have identical twin cousins. Both of them are married and one of them has two children. Either through happy coincicidence, or careful planning (I don't know which!) both of their wives are pregnant and expecting baby girls within 6 weeks of each other! Their mum has asked me to crochet a couple of blankets for her. I have finished one, and about halfway through the second, but the first of the babies is due on 3rd May so I need to get a move on!!
Here is the first one:

And the start of the 2nd one... (I'm currently only 7 squares away from finishing the 7x7 square centre of the blanket, so much further on than this picture suggests!) 

What do you think? :-) 
I'll post again soon with some other things I have been crocheting since I last blogged! 

Louisa xx

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