Saturday, September 07, 2013

Catching up

I really need to blog properly again! 
Not sure what I have shown you so far this year, but I have still been crafting! I started an 'Attic24' ripple blanket on New Year's Eve! It's not that far along, but it is rather beautiful and so soft! 

I've also signed up to Crafty Creatives ( it's £10 per month (plus p&p) and you get a fab box of crafty goodies delivered every month! I love it! 
I've started following A Girl Called Jack, and her super cheap recipes. She's got some fab things on there - her carrot, cumin and kidney bean falafels are really yummy, as well as her garlic, lemon and herb bread! 
I am still reading blogs, so I'm not hiding away altogether, just a lot of the time I don't feel like I have much to blog about! 
Promise I'll be back soon with more posts! 
However, I'll leave you with photos of a couple of picture frames I made and sold on my craft stall last month! 

Louisa xx

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