Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finished Blanket!

Do you remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to make a baby blanket for my friend? Well I finished it today!! I'm so proud because its the first blanket I have ever finished!
I absolutely love it! I have washed and tumble dried it (just to make sure it wasnt going to fall apart) and it has come out beautifully!
I used Hayfield Baby Bonus DK in Cream and Robin Paintbox DK in 'Carnival'

I havent measured it, but it's not overly big. I'll probably measure it before I give it to the parents-to-be!
I also used Lucy's Granny Blanket Edging which I think sets it off nicely....

here it is!!

In other news, the snow is FINALLY disappearing here and it seems a lot warmer than it has been lately. I think it might actually be 4 degrees outside today!

Louisa xx


  1. It's really pretty. I think they're such a lovely gift for new babies as my cousins and I all still have the ones made for us x

  2. Thankyou :-) I'm very proud of it! I hope they decide to keep it as a memento of the birth of their first child. I don't have anything from when I was born, other than a Teddy!