Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm still here!

I just realized I haven't blogged for ages! I'm still here, still checking all your blogs regularly!
I'm posting this from my iPhone. I'm in bed with a stinking cold :-( woke up with it this morning and it just got progressively worse all day :-( was in Nottingham last night, which was awesome, but driving back today was a chore!
I have officially started the baby blanket I mentioned in my last post :-) I'm very excited about it. I'm not going to post any pictures until it is finished though!
Hope you are all well and getting excited for the big man in red making his visit? I'm extremely un-religious, but throw myself into the commercial side of Christmas! (mainly the food....)

Ok im off to go feel sorry for myself and watch lots and lots of Gilmore girls!

Louisa xx

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