Monday, March 07, 2011

2nd post in a day!

Wow - i'm on fire today!

I've spent the whole day crafting, and creating items for my stall. I had to email the organisers you see, and forward photographs of my stock so they can decide whether I can be put onto the list to be able to apply for a stall.
One of my items, is mug cosies. I love this idea, but I couldnt find a pattern for any that I really loved. So I just came up with my own....
What do you think?

I just made up the daisy as I went along, and I think it turned out ok?! 
I only made the first one this afternoon, and i've already had orders for 3 more! Woohoo!

Louisa xx

oh and p.s. they put me on the mailing list! :-)


  1. Heck you ARE on fire! So beautiful, I love the daisy on the front.

    Great news that they put you on the mailing list, fingers crossed you get a stall!

  2. it's super cute. Hope you get a stall! x