Monday, March 07, 2011


I am applying to have my own stall at a local craft market. It's held every other month in a local pub/music venue and its always packed! It's very popular with students and 'alternative' types, so I hope my stuff goes down well!
Here is something I have been working on over the weekend.... While I was in Nottingham on Saturday I visited The Bead Shop for some Swarovski gems and AppliGlue as I have had an idea for some necklaces....
What do you think?

 The cupcakes themselves are made from mini hama beads, and then the Swarovski gems are used as sprinkles, and on the cherry. I used 2mm and 3mm gems. 
The photos don't do the gems justice - they are so so so sparkly in real life!! I made one for myself and put lots of gems on, so its really glitzy ha ha :-)
I will be showing you another item I am making for my stall soon! In the meantime, my copy of Twinkie Chan's book arrived on Saturday, so i'm busy deciding which scarf to make first!! :-)

Louisa xx


  1. They're gorgeous! So brilliant, very impressed with the creativeness.