Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Granny Bag....

After reading the fabulous tutorial over at The Royal Sisters, for the most adorable little granny bag, I decided I had to make my own! So I chose some pretty colours of yarn and started this morning with 2 plain granny squares. I then joined them together with the picot edging, and lined with felt before hooking a couple of handles. I've just finished it, isnt it cute? and so easy to make!

Off to make my cupcakes that I mentioned yesterday.... still snowed in here i'm afraid, although the main road is now clear and it looks like its raining or sleeting outside rather than snowing...

Louisa xx


  1. Cool bag! I love the new-look blog too! Keep up the good work :-) xx

  2. hee hee thankyou :-) this is what happens when I get snowed in :-(