Friday, November 19, 2010

Super stressful times.... (warning - rant!!!)

You know sometimes, stuff happens at the worst possible times and it's all you can do to stop yourself crawling under your duvet and hiding there for weeks? Well that is my week so far. I've been having problems with the acceleration on my car for a couple of weeks, so today I took it to a garage. Turns out I need a new clutch. Which is going to cost about £300. This had to happen just before Christmas didn't it? Plus I need to go and renew the photocard section of my driving license tomorrow, and also hope my car will get me back over to Newcastle on Sunday night so I can take it to be fixed on Monday morning.
Things have been stressing me out at work too the past couple of days, and I've had to cancel a photoshoot with my photographer friend tomorrow for my other hobby website because I don't have my car to get to her house.

Plus I don't get to see my other half till Sunday night :-(

Apologies for the rant, I just needed to vent somewhere before I broke and did the duvet thing :-(

Hopefully my lack of transportation will enable me to get some crochet action in this weekend and I may have something new to show you next week! (nothing too exciting though!)

Louisa xx


  1. Oh dear :( These sorts of things always seem to come all at one. Hope it gets better for you soon. Are you in the North East?

  2. I am in the north-east, yeah. I'm in South Shields :-)
    At least I got the driving license part sorted out this morning!