Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Urban Craft Collective!

Evening all!

I was given a page from a newspaper today, featuring a certain website - called The Urban Craft Collective. It's fabulous! You should all go and look right away! ha ha! Especially those of you who are fans of PDC's (Public Displays of Crafting!)
They are having a Crafty Commute Day next Wednesday, 1st December. Unfortunately, although my commute is a long one, I actually drive, and crocheting behind the wheel is not recommended! (by the way, I have my car back, all fixed and lovely!)

I do have to go into town from work for the afternoon on that day though, so I may get the bus and get some PDC's going on...

And for those of you that want to take the Crafting Pledge - here it is!

Another website I would like to mention, which I feel is just as awesome as the UCC, is Newcastle Craft Mafia. This is a fabulously talented bunch of ladies, and I have had the pleasure to attend one of their craft fairs this year at The Cluny pub in Newcastle, and bought a gorgeous necklace made out of a scrabble tile and a postage stamp from the lovely Emma Louise :-)

And one more website to check out.... Made in Newcastle

Well that is all from me for tonight, go have a look at those fabulous websites!!

Louisa xx


  1. Hi Louise, so glad that you like Urban Craft Collective & the crafting pledge! And REALLY glad to hear you're not crafting while driving, not a good combo :) Keep in touch!

  2. ALOHA, I LOVE YOUR BLOG... and HELLO KITTY of course!!! I do alot of crafting myself.. along with writing (including blogging), painting, drawing and anything to do with color.. so stop by sometime .. and check out my blogs!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!