Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 things about me...

Just as a little introduction to myself and my blog, here are 5 random facts about me!

1. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I own hundreds of items, including a guitar! (which I cannot play!)

2. I love colour - especially rainbow colours, pink and purple. Funny thing is though, 95% of my clothing is black!

3. I live in North East England. It's a beautiful place (in some areas!) but I would love to live in either Yorkshire, Scotland or America. My dream house in the UK would be a cottage with a thatched roof, lots of land and lots of rooms in the house. It would be in a small village that has a cute little cafe and a local yarn shop, and not too far away from a Lakeland!!

4. I love lots of crafts, especially crocheting and making jewellery with mini Hama beads. There is a link to my website on the right there -->

5. I have one treasured ball of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I keep in a zip loc bag. I occasionally take it out to look at it and stroke it. I want to be able to eventually afford more colours then I can make a beautiful cushion cover for a very BIG cushion that will be mine-all-mine :-)

Louisa x


  1. Hello Louisa! Welcome to the blogiverse!
    your blanket is stunning and i love it...
    I love rainbows and this is a particularly spectacular one... looking forward to seeing the big reveal!

  2. Hello Alice! Thanks for visiting my blog! I recently started to follow yours and I love it!

  3. Hi Louisa, I found you via my stats on my blog... welcome to the blogosphere as i call it. Yay, more crochet girls in the world. Really look forward to seeing more of your colourful work xox