Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday evening ramblings....

Hello :-)
I was hoping I would have some more of my scarf to show you today (actually I was hoping I could show you the finished thing today!) but i'm only 3 squares along...
It's been a busy weekend! However, I did manage to get some hooky time in on saturday afternoon, sitting in the empty function room of a social club (think Phoenix Nights x1000! - if you don't know what that is, youtube it!) while my other half was setting up his drum kit and soundchecking with his band for a gig they were playing that night. (i'll ask him very nicely if he'll let me post a picture of his drum kit up on here - its very pretty and sparkly!) so that was a good hour and a half of crocheting :-) I managed another scarf square, and a whole round on my giant blanket!! I'm really loving this blanket, I can't wait until it is finished, and I can snuggle under it!

Something that surprises me (in a nice way) is that I don't really get any disparaging remarks about only being 26 and crocheting in public. There are a couple of people who sort of make fun because they think I should be out getting drunk and 'having a life' - excuse me, firstly I don't drink and secondly I happen to think I have a pretty awesome life! Other than that though, I just get compliments, and i've even inspired a couple of people to learn to crochet! I saw a woman sat in a camping chair at Sonisphere Festival this year, knitting a pair of socks!! Do any of you other bloggers get any negative attention about your crafting, especially if you do it in public?

Thats pretty much it for my ramblings tonight. On wednesday i'm going to give you a peek at my other crafty hobby.... so watch this space!!

edit - just noticed i've had 200 views of my blog! not bad for only 1 week!! 

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