Friday, October 15, 2010

Crochet on the high street....

So my other half and I were in Newcastle city centre last night for late-night shopping, and we were in Eldon Square when I spotted something rather familiar in Accessorize, under a big 3D sign saying 'Knits' (you can guess whats wrong with this scene in a moment.......) so anyway, I race inside to find them selling this.....
and they were charging £22 for it!!! (the quality was pretty shabby too....)
I was astounded (but also secretly pleased that granny squares have made it to the high street!)
There were loads of other crocheted items there too, in fact, most of the items there were crocheted!

(and the thing wrong with the scene.... that they were advertisng them under 'knits'. Oh dear accessorize... you really should do your research!)

Anyway, at work today, i was just sitting doodling on my pad of paper, when i decided I would make my own uber-fashionable granny square scarf, except mine would be all kinds more awesome, and be much much cheaper! So watch this space for progress!

Louisa x

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  1. Oh dear, £22 for that! Shocking.... you will make a much lovelier one than that and it will be completely original!